On Saturday 13th February, Craftspace organised an event for the Craft Collective group to meet with Bristol Young collective group of Artists to share their ideas with each other and discuss what sort of things our group could work towards.

It was a very enjoyable and successful day with plenty to do and get involved with. Activities such as creating and sewing your own scarf and handbag were really interesting, along with badge making and bread baking workshops were really good starting points for discussion.

The Bristol Art Group presented some of their previous work and discussed some of their upcoming projects  and ideas. This was beneficial for the Craftspace collective group as it gave some  insight into what sorts of things they may want to try themselves.

It was also a great opportunity to explore Bristol as we had the chance to visit the city gallery and look around other exhibitions. It was a worthwhile trip and a great day out, the collective group seemed to really enjoy it and i feel it was a important for the group to meet with the other young people.

Another positive from the visit was that the group from Bristol were really keen on coming to Birmingham to meet up again, there could then be a possibility of gathering the Ikon Group as well and maybe work collaboratively on one project.

An extremely worthwhile trip!

Photos from the day our on our Flickr page:http://www.flickr.com/groups/craftspacecollective/