Meet new people – Learn new skills  – Break a world record  – Work with famous athletes and artists – Develop something exciting within your community – Defy stereotypes

Want to be part of an M.O.B. that makes an Olympic ripple in your community? The Drum is seeking young adults between 16-25yrs to create Olympics and Paralympics inspired disturbances that will be talked about for years to come! If you want to work with other community members to create a stir, read on.

M.O.B. is a programme inspired by the current craze of ‘flash mobbing’ where seemingly unplanned ‘happenings’ take place involving hundreds of children, young people and adults. M.O.B. is about creating new ‘disturbances’ sharing the values of the Olympics & Paralympics – Excellence, Respect, Friendship, Courage, Determination, Inspiration & Equality.

Between now and April 2011, there are various short-term, part-time and full-time opportunities ranging from one hour to ongoing regular involvement in the following:

  • Steering Group Working on a weekly basis you will offer your time to steering the development of the programme
  • Community Ambassadors – You will deliver outreach activity to promote the programme more widely
  • Placements  – You will volunteer your time at The Drum and other settings, working on projects that benefit and engage the wider community
  • Inspiration WorkshopsYou will support the inclusion of other community members in workshops helping to develop flashmob events
  • Performances & Sharings – You will plan, deliver and review performances and sharings that fully include the wider targeted community
  • Working Groups – You will deliver additional activity (marketing, researching, filming & photography, etc) to ensure our success
  • Reviews & sharing learning – You will offer your time to review the progress of the programme and inform its development.

We want to work with you to create a snowball effect within Birmingham that everyone will want to be a part of. Join Us and Get!

For more info:

Contact Navida or 0121 333 2422 / Search Facebook – My-Olympic-Birmingham / Check our v channel –

Open Day at The Drum on Monday 23rd August, 10-6pm

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About us – The Drum is an internationally renowned arts centre in Aston, Birmingham. We explore, develop and celebrate Black arts, history and culture for the benefit of all. We offer a broad programme of activities including music and theatre events, comedy performances, poetry nights, dance classes, a cinema programme, ground breaking exhibitions and much more. We have a free arts programme for 8-18yr olds, Young Gifted Brum. Through YGB we engage children and young people as creators, audiences, participants and leaders. We are now offering this innovative Olympics and Paralympics inspired opportunity for 16-25yr olds, funded through v. For more info about us, check us out at