Fay De Winter

Fay De Winter was a Contemporary Crafts – Ceramics masters student at the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham.  Fay’s work is inspired by nature in the everyday, documenting found ‘curio’ from travels around the world and revealing different cultural and social meanings through collection comparisons.  The late Victorian era and nature in design are prominent influences, featuring narratives and a celebration of hidden heritage within her work.
Fay selects personal but also universal objects, to encourage further exploration, communication and dialogue.


Lyndsey Caufield

Lyndsey Caulfield went to Gray’s School of Art: Robert Gordon University Aberdeen where she acquired her bachelor degree in Textiles and Surface Design.

She says “I’m In love with all things colourful, shiny, glittery. Good taste verging on the tacky and a love for a ‘more is more’ -aesthetic.”



Amber Wakley

Amber Wakley studied at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. She‘s a textile designer who specialises in embroidery and lace making.
She is particularly interested in the positive and negative space created by the lines and spaces of lace structures and the opportunity that this creates for light and shadow. She explores these qualities using traditional lace making techniques and also machine stitch to mimic these qualities. She’s interested in building on her basic lace making knowledge to help try and preserve this fascinating, highly skilled technique, so that it can be passed on to future generations.


Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson acquired her bachelor degree in Applied Creative Design: Textiles at The Hull School of Art and Design. She specialises in knit and crochet and her main focus of any project she carries out is sustainability, she uses only British wool to support the local wool industry and she also hand dyes any wool she uses to decrease the carbon footprint of the dying process.


Jo Aylmer

Jo Aylmer studied Ceramics at the University of Westminster in Harrow.
She says: “I am motivated by an interest in physical and psychological responses to material and form. My work investigates this using the potential of white ceramic bodies and rubber and the relationships created between them.  Some of these relationships were initiated by the materials, others I brokered.  The associations of my materials and forms encompass fetish and the domestic – they are concerned with the complex nature of human interaction and intimacy.”



Jill Kirkham  

Jill Kirkham graduated in 2012 from Herriot-Watt University, Galashiels Bachelor of Arts in Textile Design. She specialises in the production of bespoke screen printed fabrics and is developing a constructed approach to printed textiles for interior design. Many of her prints are inspired by iconic buildings, landmarks and natural environments typical of Scotland’s industrial heritage. Fabrics are chosen to reflect this heritage and utilise an aesthetic which acknowledges their functional significance – cotton drill, canvas and linen. She then uses vibrant colour and sensual textures to transform these materials to create luxurious, sumptuous and sometimes even humorous materials for wall hangings, curtains, cushions and commissioned pieces.


Morvern Odling

Morvern Odling has recently graduated from Heriot Watt University in Textile Design for fashion, interiors and art. She says:  “I specialise in printed textiles for the fine art market and my graduate work was awarded the Worshipful Company of Dyers of the City of London’s Colourprize for the best use of colour in a final year project. I live in Edinburgh where I am currently working, looking for creative opportunities and enjoying the summer rain.”


Emma Kerr

Emma Kerr also studied Textiles and Surface Design at the Gray’s School of Art: Robert Gordon University Aberdeen.

Her degree collection is called ‘Missing People’ where she tries to raise awareness about the fact that 10,000 people go missing every year in the UK alone. She uses second hand clothes with messages in different techniques and her designs are based around real life interviews with family members of the missing and community workers.



Caroline J. Allen

Caroline J. Allen studied at the University of Brighton, where she specialised in Ceramics with a Visual Research minor. She also has a Ba degree in Textiles: Surface Design, and is a qualified college lecturer.  She is interested in the value of objects and her current work explores among other things the human, empathic relationships we often have with them; the poetics of everyday objects, the value of non-utilitarian objects, and the hierarchy of objects. Through an investigation into material culture and context she aims to elevate the status of abandoned, lost, overlooked and banal objects. By exploring the poetics of the every-day, her work champions the underdog, celebrates the banal and commemorates everyday experiences.


Tamzin Titford-Mock

Tamzin studied at the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design and graduated in Textile Design as a Bachelor. She is fascinated by the textures and marks found on rocks, stones or geological strata and interested in the ordinary, the everyday but also the quirky and off beat. Concern for the environment, sustainability and attitudes to waste are important issues for her – which is reflected in her work by often re-using or up-cycling materials.


Hilary O’Dwyer

Hilary O’Dwyer graduated from Somerset college of Art & Design with a bachelor degree in Surface Design. She says:”I believed that an artist’s life experience must form the bedrock upon which their creative output is built. In my own case, I have traveled extensively in Europe and North America and have lived in several regions of France as well as in Ireland and Germany.
This lifetime of experience has informed my personal creative process. I have developed a versatile design response to both private and public space.  My choices are influenced by a fierce determination to express in my work the rich texture and subtle colour and forms of the many places I have lived as well as by a profound and deeply personal desire to enjoy the process of creating my work.”



Harriet Riddell

Harriet Riddell acquired her bachelor degree in Contemporary Applied Arts at the University of Hertfordshire. Her sewing machine is her pencil and cotton is her paper. She travels with her sewing machine to public places, taking inspiration from observing people around her. She aims to transform mundane into extraordinary, transient to fixed.


Dionne Cole

Dionne Cole studied 3D design at Camberwell College of Arts, she says “To me, design is all about problem solving. Finding new ways of working, and really pushing a material to its limits to work out its strengths and weaknesses.”


Rachel Morgan

Rachel Morgan attended Birmingham School of Jewellery and has a bachelor degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing. With a passion for nature and its effect upon man made materials, Rachel uses repetitive shapes and forms inspired by the organic and natural as a modern tribute to art nouveau.

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