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Well the park is all back to normal now. The beautiful temporary artworks have been taken down.

Despite many people’s worst fears the majority of the works were not destroyed or stolen overnight or during the weekend.

Feedback for
The graduate artists is coming in and is very positive.

Amber Wakley “the location of the festival was fantastic, it allowed a lot of people to see my work…..It was good to be in the park making my work. Seeing the process adds a whole new level of interest for people. For me technique is just as important as the final piece so it was nice to be given the opportunity to show this.”

Amber Wakely “Finishing Uni and being out in the real world can be quite daunting. Being invited to take part in In:Site12 at New Designers gave me a boost to keep making.”

Day 1

China leaves.
In:Site Day 1 6th August 2012

Print bombing.
In:Site Day 1 6th August 2012

Day 2

In:Site 2012 Birmingham Cathedral

Crocheted bench.
In:Site Day 2

Day 3

In:Site 2012 Birmingham Cathedral

Day 4

Hilary O’Dwyer and her burned wood pieces.
In:Site Day 4
In:Site Day 4

Day 5

In:Site day 5 Rachel Morgan

Dionne Cole
In:Site day 5 Dionne Cole

Rosie Moss
In:Site day 5 Rosie Moss Envelope Exchange