So far the Craftspace Collective blog has been very much concerned with what we get up to as a group. This is all very interesting, it informs readers about our actions and acts as an archive of our past events, but I am quickly realising the importance of  highlighting the work of other Craftivists to help our new and prospective members understand more about the movement and it’s roots.

This will be the first in a series of posts looking at different atrists, their work and their thoughts.

I am beginning with Betsy Greer, the craftivista. Widley know as the God Mother of Craftivism she is a writer, maker, activist and thinker.  Please follow this link to where she outlines what it is to be a craftivist.

With in her article she says that to be a craftivist it really doesnt matter what you make or what technique you use. ” What does matter is that you foment change and/or healing.  To be an activist is to create change. To be a crafter is (in a fundamental way) to heal/soothe/bring joy/teach others. Whenever you combine those two, you are a craftivist.”

“There’s no one way to ‘do craftivism’ or be a craftivist. It’s about bringing light and joy and beauty in your life, the lives of those you know, and/or the lives of those you don’t.”

Craftivism is “about not accepting the status quo, it’s about taking the reins and taking charge of your own actions. If you’re improving things along the way and including craft in this change, you’re being a craftivist. You’re spreading the good word, in a non-confrontational way, and letting people decide if they want to get on the bandwagon or not. With your enthusiasm, you’re empowering them to make changes and maybe even eventually include their creativity in with those changes.”

Please do visit Betsy Greers blog and read the whole article, it is truly inspirational.