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Time to Change, Young People’s Village, Cathedral Square, Colmore Row, Birmingham – 26 October 2012

The Craftspace Collective are going to be at the Time to Change event in Birmingham next week.

The Time to Change Village is a pop-up space where young people can learn the truth about mental health in a fun and interactive way. Young volunteers challenge stereotypes of mental illness by talking to other young people about their experiences of mental health problems. Collective members, with the aid of Viking Husquvarna Sewing Machines will be running a machine embroidery stand. They will be sharing their skills in this simple technique with other young people while asking them to respond to the question “How Do You Feel Today?”. The individuals will embroider their responses onto one long length of canvas, creating a continuous line of stitched drawings. This will also be part of the collective’s offer for this year’s Big Draw. Come along and see us!

Time to Change info here: and here


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Well the park is all back to normal now. The beautiful temporary artworks have been taken down.

Despite many people’s worst fears the majority of the works were not destroyed or stolen overnight or during the weekend.

Feedback for
The graduate artists is coming in and is very positive.

Amber Wakley “the location of the festival was fantastic, it allowed a lot of people to see my work…..It was good to be in the park making my work. Seeing the process adds a whole new level of interest for people. For me technique is just as important as the final piece so it was nice to be given the opportunity to show this.”

Amber Wakely “Finishing Uni and being out in the real world can be quite daunting. Being invited to take part in In:Site12 at New Designers gave me a boost to keep making.”

Day 1

China leaves.
In:Site Day 1 6th August 2012

Print bombing.
In:Site Day 1 6th August 2012

Day 2

In:Site 2012 Birmingham Cathedral

Crocheted bench.
In:Site Day 2

Day 3

In:Site 2012 Birmingham Cathedral

Day 4

Hilary O’Dwyer and her burned wood pieces.
In:Site Day 4
In:Site Day 4

Day 5

In:Site day 5 Rachel Morgan

Dionne Cole
In:Site day 5 Dionne Cole

Rosie Moss
In:Site day 5 Rosie Moss Envelope Exchange

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We have given our graduate week a new name and chosen the artists. Here’s our great flyer designed by a member of the collective Rosie.

Looking through photos so far from the Clothes Show. Brilliant image of our artist Emrys on our flickr group taken by Collective member Joey. Have a look at the group for more great images…


photo from day 1


Brilliant photos by Joey on our flickr group.

Emma Shercliff worked with us today. We’ve talked to loads of people and well over one hundred of them had a go at embroidery by hand or on our machines. Lots of people had their first ever go on a sewing machine. The space is filling with all the work that people have been doing. If you’ve been and taken any pics, please add them to our flickr group too.

Tomorrow Celia Pym is teaching darning and mending so if you’re visiting bring along your most loved holey socks and jumpers to mend.

We’re looking forard to the Clothes Show this weekend.

We will be teaching machine and had sewing techniques. Creating a giant guerilla art intervention and picking up hints and tips for our new book.

On Friday Emrys Plant starts things off using old clothes to create a web structure. Emrys is working in collaboration with Laura McCafferty who is working at the end of the show.

Emrys Plant says…
‘On day one we aim to create a physical web within the Craftspace stand that will give the opportunity to other artists, makers and the public to respond to interconnected issues under the socially responsible umbrella as well as being a visually poetic installation. Using part deconstructed garments e.g. knitwear that has been pulled back to its constituent parts, the odd sleeve, collar, label or cuff will be left as a reminder of what was once a sum of its parts. The webbed strands will create tunnels and walls for other artists to work within.’

On Saturday Emma Shercliff will be responding to what has been created the day before and thinking about ideas of contagion and customization.

Emma Shercliff says…
‘I am curious about how making processes reflect our interactions with other people and the things around us. For the Clothes Show event, I will draw inspiration from the idea of contagion as a motivation to customize clothes or other possessions, using hand embroidery skills, resulting in a continuous stream of infectious ideas and stitches that contaminate the space and the visitors as they drop by and move on.’

On Sunday Celia Pym encourages everyone mend our most loved worn out clothes.

Celia Pym says…
‘Darning is great. It’s especially good when you are not exactly sure what to do with your day, “hmm” you can say to yourself ” What shall I do today, I will fix the holes in my socks, or that little spot in my pocket, or the frayed cuffs of my favourite beloved sweater, or that snag in the dress that used to belong to someone else and was given to you because it suited you so well. Darning helps you think about things you love and people you love and before you know it your holes are mended and your damaged garments cared for. It’s nice to look after things you love.’

On Monday Emma Shercliff returns to respond to Celia’s work from Sunday and continue her ‘infectious’ stitches.

Laura McCafferty ends the show on Tuesday and Wednesday following on from Emrys Plant and adding to the web of fabric and stiches.

Laura McCafferty says…
‘This idea can be applied to not feeling that you entirely belong anywhere, feelings of dislocation, from the environment that you are in. Perhaps, lost in the web. Through this intervention, Id like to follow on that sense of connection and community, which I believe is becoming more and more relevant. A free exchange of ideas thoughts, passing on what you know or what you have experienced.’

Graduate artists Nousheen and Laura will be with us Sunday (both), Monday (Nousheen) and Wednesday (Laura), creating jewellery on the spot from offcuts and loose threads and using distressing and embellishing techniques.

Laura Edmunds says…
“Here for a moment, there is no permanence of a person or any stamp or imprint that can be forever maintained in our memory. The souvenir, a lock of hair, a well-used pillowcase, heavy with physicality; these items encapsulate a fragment of a person and a memory but can never fully recover an exact event in time. Eventually, we disappear. I will be working with techniques to distress and embellish fabric that will hold a fragment of time, a fleeting touch within it’s warp and weft.”

Nousheen Leila Saboonpaz
‘On day 1 I will be Upcycling. Collecting the unwanted offcuts of the Clothes Show to create pieces of jewellery. On Day 2 I will be exploring an artists relationship with fabric. Transforming my pen-drawings of threads of found sea-weeds, into prints for fabrics, and capturing these fabric swatches in a metal casing to be worn.’

Emrys Plant

Emma Shercliff

Celia Pym

Nousheen Lelia Saboonpaz

Laura Edmunds

Laura McCafferty

Here’s a preview of our new flyer.